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Christmas cleaning.

Been "cleaning out" my flist. Nothing big. But let me know if I've been "cleaning out" too much :) I be happy to let you back in.


Flist-cut done

And if you've been cut but think you might want to stay. Please let me know here. No hard feelings...I hope ;P




Happy birthday crossbow1 !!!

Have a great day :-)


Pimping time again...

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To one of my "oldest" friends here on LJ

soulless_lover I hope you're having a wonderful day.

You rock my world dude ;-)



Belated birthday wishes to pokerkitten hope you had a really lovely day. I miss you. Hope everything is okay.



Easy target

That's me. I hate myself for being so weak, when it comes to J. He can make me do anything...argh...Anyway I was reeeeeaaaalllly busy today and he kept on mailing me...plz call I'm bored....pretty pleeease. Guess who called and talked half the day away. Damn. *shake fist* Go away pretty gay boy...*hisses* 

What do you mean by luxury problems :-? ;-P

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Friends only

After the last few weeks events in life I've decided to go "friends only". I'm not going back closing off old entries frankly I don't have the energy.

I'm still letting people into my life. Just ask :-)

*hugs flist*


Walking down memory lane

Listening to "old" music tonight.

They still makes me feel sooo good.


The Cure
The sisters of mercy
Echo and the bunnymen
Spear of destiny
Killing joke
The psychedelic furs

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